Poetry Collection

My first published works were poems. At nine, I was receiving subscriptions and book vouchers from student magazines for poems and limericks submitted. In my late teens I was writing free form. Rhyme and meter has always come easily to me although I have tried to be a little more disciplined by attempting to follow forms such as sonnet form. It's not easy.

Poetry written using imagery of
EverQuest and World of Warcraft
All other Poetry
Some written in various historic poetry form
Song for Kryx
Tethax and Wyndgardium Firestorm
Tryn Darkwind
Walk With Me

A Song of Love
Ballade of Squirely Conspiracy
Cecil the Clerk
Love Came
Sharpe's Stardust
Three Maidens, Three Brides
To Chocolate Mousse
The Twa Corbies Ruminate on Death
When Love Dies

Note: The original owners of the characters depicted have permission to display the poems in their entirety or parts of them for personal, non-profit purposes.