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My favored reading material as a child were stories of the fantastic and mythology. I grew up on books such as Andrew Lang's collected fairy stories, Robin Hood and King Arthur and the knights of the round table. Then graduated to works of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Little wonder then, that most of my writing has a bent toward the fantastic.

The advent of the computer brought role-playing games to my world. Even before I played Dungeons and Dragons on paper, I played it on the computer. As the genre developed, I eventually began to play the games online and joined online communities to discuss them.


A small sampling of online articles written in my part-time Freelance career.

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These are stories in the Fantasy genre, some loosely based on the world of EverQuest. Some are original works of fiction.
The Stolen Princess
The Wright Flyer
Across the Wall or Sharpe's Stardust

Erotica. What is erotica? It has sometimes been described in this manner: "What I like is erotica... what you like is porn." A judgement determined by personal taste. Can erotica be considered "soft" porn? Perhaps. I like to think of my erotica as evocative writing. That which educes erotic and sensuous imaginings.

Erotica Collection